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Buying a TV Screen Cover could save your TV


Buying a TV Screen Cover could save your TV

Are you scared that your television might get damaged at some point just because your kids just don’t listen? Do they always play with balls or throw remote controllers and toys toward each other or use your family room as the tennis court? Then you should be worried. It can happen at any time. Before you can stop it, some hard object will go flying across the room while you child is laughing and you are diving toward the TV crying out “Noooooooooo” in slow motion as the object strikes the TV screen and cracks it.

The fact is that there are a large number of angry parents out there whose TVs have been ruined by the antics of their kids or even sometimes by a friend’s kid. If the child is yours, well you can always scold him and hope that something sinks in. In reality it was probably an accident to begin with anyway. Screaming and yelling about it might make you feel better, but it won’t undo what has already been done. Where do you go from here? You’re probably in shock, hoping this is something you can easily fix right? Maybe it’s just a scratch or a bad circuit board?

Unfortunately fixing a cracked screen isn’t as simple as replacing an internal circuit board inside the television. A cracked TV screen needs to be replaced. The cost for this is often as much as purchasing a whole new television. Some rich people can afford to worry about protecting their television after they’ve lost one, but for most of us, losing that much money is difficult, even tragic.

A TV screen cover is an essential item that should be purchased when buying a new TV set because ideally, you want the screen protection there right from the beginning. Buying a new TV without one is just like playing a game of craps. You might get a pass for years but someday (especially if you have kids) you’ll come up snake eyes.

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that their television sets are really delicate. They can get damaged quite easily. Who would think that a simple hit with a small, hard toy could crack the TV’s screen costing you thousands of dollars?

Still not convinced? If you have a flat panel LCD TV, try this simple test to see for yourself. You just need to press on the television screen with one of your fingers but make sure you press it gently. You will get to see that many different colors appear as the picture distorts under you finger. If you increase the pressure just a little more you can crack that part of the screen and ruin the entire TV.

This shows just how delicate these television screens are and how cautious you need to be in order to get the right protection for your TV set. It’s going to be really frustrating if you have to learn this simple lesson after spending a hefty amount of money for a new television set. The best idea is to buy a good TV screen cover at the very moment you purchase a new TV.

A fact you might not be aware of is that sometimes TV covers are quite useful for the adults as well. In many of the jails and other rehabilitation centers across the country where people have some “aggression” issues TV screen covers are used to protect the facility’s technology investment and keep the peace. You don’t want to see what happens in a jail when an inmate breaks a community TV.

How does a TV screen cover work? The best TV screen covers on the market are made of acrylic and at least a 1/4″ thick. There are thinner covers out there but they are flimsy and don’t provide the proper screen protection. When an object strikes the TV screen cover, which is kept a 1/4″ off the surface of the TV by felt spacers, the cover flexes to absorb the impact of the object. They are typically designed to stop toys, remotes, etc; basically small objects that often hit a TV. But they won’t stop a brick, giant metal Tonka dump truck, or any other really large or heavy object.

While almost everyone can recognize the importance of protecting their significant electronic investment, often concerns are raised over if a screen cover affects the picture quality. Some people even think that using a TV screen cover will spoil the picture quality completely. Not so! As long as the screen cover is made by a company known for producing a quality product like TV Armor, their wont be any loss in the HD TVs picture quality.

There are some lower quality screen covers on the market today and they do have the potential to affect the TVs picture. TV Armor uses only the highest quality optical grade materials in its product, eliminating any picture quality concerns.

Another advantage of a TV screen cover is that they prevent scratches. Just like it doesn’t take much to crack the TV’s screen, it also doesn’t take much to put a permanent scratch in one. Of course you don’t want to scratch your new TV screen cover either, so make sure you are pickup a TV screen cover that is scratch resistant.

Last but not least, the TV screen cover you buy should be easy to install and clean. The best way to keep an acrylic screen cover clean is to use a plastic cleaner like Brillianize. It removes the static charge found on the plastic and keeps dust particles from sticking to the screen cover.

Buying TV Screen cover is a wise investment when you purchase any new TV these days.

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