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Careful Not To Breathe On Your New HD Television


Careful Not To Breathe On Your New HD Television

LCD, Plasma, LED and 3D Screens Are “One Of The Most Fragile Things On The Planet”

In one instance, a woman attempting to remove a small piece of dust scratched her $1,700 high-definition Plasma television screen with her fingernail, rendering it destroyed.

One family’s dog attempted to jump on top of their new $3,800 high-definition LCD television, but it was much thinner than the previous television, and she slid down the front of the TV, her claws dragging along the way. Goodbye new television.

Yet another person was removing a brand new Plasma TV (at a cost of “only” $795) from its box, and accidentally dragged the buttons of his shirt across the screen. Back to the old TV.

These are but a few examples TV Screen Guardian and TV Armor Vice President of Operations Tom Marker hears constantly from disgruntled consumers looking to protect their new HD televisions — “new” meaning replacing another new one destroyed by the slightest accidental contact to its screen.

“Consumers don’t realize there’s a reason screen damage is not covered by manufacturer or retail warranties,” said Marker. “Because they damage so easily!”

Indeed, Marker has heard of screens falling prey to such culprits as remotes, shoes, toys, Wii controllers, crayons, Barbie — even a copy of TV Guide.

And screen damage to a high-definition Plasma, LCD, LED, or 3D television also means total damage. Marker and his partners founded TV Armor in 2008 and just launched TV Screen Guardian with one simple mission: to provide the utmost and cost-effective TV screen protection to these types of televisions.

Considerable research resulted in exclusive development of a crystal-clear, optical grade, acrylic TV shields with double the thickness of most other brands, while maintaining the same vivid quality of high definition TV.

“We wanted to make sure your screen was protected, but that you wouldn’t even notice the protection,” added Marker.

Also scratch-resistant and easy to clean, TV Armor and TV Screen Guardian was developed with ease in mind, as it attaches in under a minute. And costing just a fraction of the price of the television, the TV Armor television screen protector is now considered in consumer electronics circles to be a “must-have” addition to any new high definition Plasma, LCD, LED or 3D television. And TV Screen Guardian, while a more affordable variation is quickly gaining popularity among savvy consumers.

Today, TV Armor is considered to be the world’s premier TV screen protector, protecting countless numbers of televisions in homes worldwide, along with televisions in the Mayo Clinic, sports arenas, college dorms, 5-star hotels, the U.S. Army, bars, jails, restaurants and many other commercial entities. Taking caveat emptor (“let the buyer beware”) seriously must also extend to your expensive new HD investment. The manufacturer and retailer will not protect you. But TV Armor will.

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