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Protect an Outdoor TV with a Cover and Custom TV Enclosure


Enjoying television outdoors is a current trend found in many businesses, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, night clubs, airports, and theme parks. While your guests appreciate being able to watch the news, weather, sports, or other programming, you need ensure your flat panel televisions are properly protected against accidental damage and the elements. Two key products you require to ensure your TVs are kept secure, safe, and guarded against damage are custom built TV enclosures and outdoor TV covers.

Benefits of Custom Built TV Enclosures for Outdoor TVs

Placing your flat panel televisions inside custom built TV enclosures helps keep the TVs secure. Since they are locked inside the enclosure, it helps reduce the likelihood of someone attempting to steal your televisions. Next, the custom built enclosure protects the TV screen from accidental damage. For example, you have a custom enclosure on a TV in your bar. One of your customers is watching a football game on the TV, and their team is not doing well. They get upset and toss a handful of peanuts at the screen. You do not have to worry about the screen being damaged from this customer’s actions, because your TV is safe and secure within the flat screen TV enclosure.

Another benefit of using outdoor TV enclosures is preventing people and children from touching the screen. With many touch screen devices on the market today, it is only natural for someone to walk up to the display and touch it to see if it is touch screen. Rather than fingerprints, oils from the fingers, and smudges getting onto the TV screen, they are left on the enclosure’s clear panel. Removing these is simple and easy if you use an approved cleaning product.

Any time your outdoor televisions are not in use, you can increase protection from the elements by putting an outdoor TV cover over the custom built TV enclosure. The TV outdoor cover helps reduce dust and dirt deposits on the enclosures. Further, outdoor television covers shield the enclosure from light rain and moisture. Keep in mind, outdoor covers are not completely waterproof, but water resistant. In the event of heavy rains, water could get under the cover and onto the television enclosure.

What Features Should I Include on TV Enclosures Used Outdoors?

You will want to upgrade the standard features on custom built TV enclosures when you use them in outdoor locations, to include options, such as:

  • Rain Resistance
  • Sealed for Outdoor Use
  • Filters for Harsh Environments
  • Security Screws
  • Antiglare Film
  • Cooling Fans
  • Anti-Ligature Sloped Tops

The custom built waterproof TV enclosure for outdoors can be configured for wall mounting or ceiling mounting, depending on where you want to install your flat panel TVs outdoors. For more information about custom built TV enclosures, TV outdoor covers, or ordering assistance, contact us today by calling 800-890-0073.

Manufacturer’s Disclaimer: The manufacturer of custom built TV enclosures and outdoor TV covers is not responsible for damages caused to indoor televisions used in outdoor locations. The television owner assumes all responsibility for the proper use, care, and operation of indoor TVs operated in outdoor locations.

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