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So many broken TVs…


I can’t count the number of phone calls I have received from parents talking about how their child, or a friend’s child, broke their LCD or Plasma TV. One mother called us yesterday saying that her son hit their two month old 52″ Sony Bravia with a curling iron. “He didn’t even hit it hard” she said. Unfortunately, a cracked television screen is an all to common story. Thankfully, they have the means to replace the broken TV screen with the same model and pick up a second TV protector for the childs grandmother’s TV.

Most consumers just aren’t aware how fragile these TVs are today. I never thought I would have a broken TV screen from a toy, but it happened. While something good came out of it (creating TV Armor), the broken television screen was still an $1800 dollar lesson I would have rather not learned.

If you take your finger and press gently on your LCD monitor, you will see how the colors distort under your finger. Now don’t do this… but if you press just a little harder, you have a good chance of cracking your monitor. LCD TVs are just as fragile if not more. As a consumer it is very frustrating to buy a product for thousands of dollars, and yet find myself with a cracked television screen so easily. Save yourself some trouble in the future and invest in a television screen protector today.

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