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How Can TV Armor Protect My Flat Screen TV?

From Damage, Theft & The Elements

TV Enclosures

The Ultimate In Protection

If your televisions or monitors are located in areas where the potential for damage is higher than your average living room (sporting venues, high traffic areas, hospitals, school gymnasiums etc.), you will want to add a TV Armor Enclosure. Likewise for television or monitors located in areas were theft could be a problem (bars, colleges, entertainment complexes, etc.) Our enclosures are designed to be mounted around a previously mounted TV. They are not watertight, but can be made to be weather resistant. Each flat screen TV enclosure is designed to prevent access and damage to the TV in an indoor or outdoor environment.

Custom Made To Fit Your TV!

From Damage

TV Screen Protectors

Accident Protection

Your television will be protected if someone accidentally throws something like a toy, remote, game controller, or a ball at it. Television screen protectors will protect your TV from scratches and splashes.

A TV Screen Protector won’t stop a object thrown with a lot of force or very heavy objects, like a brick, from damaging your TV. Never throw an object at your TV on purpose!

Standard Sizes and Custom Made Sizes Available!

From The Elements

Outdoor TV Covers

Protecting Your Outdoor Television

If you have a TV outside, you’ll want to protect it while it’s not being used with out outdoor TV cover. It’s a great and inexpensive way to protect your television from the elements while not in use.

We offer a lock kit for our outdoor TV screen covers here.

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