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The price of the TV wall mount enclosures will be set by the width and height of the front opening.

The depth from the wall to the inside front of the cover is 6 ¼”. It is highly recommended that the TV and mount total depth do not exceed 6″, 5 3/4″ would be ideal.


The frame is 6063-T5 black anodized aluminum 1/8” thick with two steel internal reinforcements in each corner. Externally there is a 1/4″ ABS plastic guard to soften the mitered corner.

The front cover is 1/4” polycarbonate. Optionally we can install a thicker polycarbonate front panel.

The television enclosure frame is assembled internally with steel brackets, studs, and lock nuts.

The front panel of the TV enclosure is held in place by Pin-in-Torx sheet metal screws.

An optional ABS back panel can be used if needed for mounting the TV wall mount enclosures.


Depending on the TV power consumption the enclosure may be totally enclosed, ventilation slots, or cooling fans and slots if needed as an option.


The TV enclosures are shipped assembled.


An internal flange within the enclosure allows clearance holes to be drilled through the flange to provide attachment points to the wall.

It is up to each user to decide what is the correct number of attachment points for their TV wall mount enclosures.

  1. It may be easier if the TV is mounted first. The enclosure with the mounting holes drilled in the rear flange could be held up around the TV.

The holes for attachment marked and the correct anchors drilled or assembled to the wall.

  1. Hold the television enclosure to the wall and assemble two of the screws/anchors to hold the unit in place. Place the remaining screws/anchors

in place and tighten.

  1. Remove the film from either side of the front cover and attach with the pin-in-torx screws provided.

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