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TV Armor’s Econo-Closure

The Econo-Closure is a “no frills” Television Enclosure that provides a lower-cost solution to protect TV’s from access and damage.

It’s constructed of strong ABS plastic with an even stronger polycarbonate front panel. It is a simple slip-case design. The frame is attached to the wall around the TV and the front case is slid over the frame and secured with screws.


The Econo-Closure does not have cooling fans. Ventilation is provided through openings in the side panels of the indoor TV enclosures.


It is designed for indoor use. Outdoor use is at the discretion of the buyer, and we do not warranty its life or water tightness.

To minimize the engineering we are offering the Econo-Closure in four size range TV’s, and the installed depth of the TV’s and mounts should not exceed 5 1/4”. The dimensions below are the outside dimensions; the inside is ¼” smaller all around, the usable depth is less ¾”. The view able area is 5/8″ smaller than the inside measurements.

24″ and less:        23″  x 16″ x 6″                      $299

26″ – 32″               30″ x 18.5″ x 6″                    $399

36″ – 42″               39.5″ x 24.5″ x 6″                 $499

46″ – 48″               44.5″ x 28″ x 6″                    $569

50″ – 55″               51″ x 30.5″ x 6″                    $749



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The Econo-Closure is in stock ready to ship. Large quantities of indoor TV enclosures will take extra production time.

We can customize the TV enclosure with a minimum purchase of 5 enclosures. Customization would be limited to adding 60mm fans, security screws, a full back panel, and changing the size.

For other features, we would refer you to our Standard Television Enclosures, which do not have a minimum buy quantity and is extremely customizable.

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