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Countless hours, many design variations, and testing have gone into creating the most effective TV screen protector on the market today.

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Custom HD TV Enclosures

Providing the ultimate in protection for your HDTV screen and entire television! Ideal for public locations to protect from damage, theft and vandalism.

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After I shelled out more cash for a new TV (ouch!), I decided a solution was needed. I was determined not to let this happen again — not to me or to anyone else.

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It happened to me, don't let it happen to you.

I never realized how vulnerable Plasma, LED and LCD televisions were until I found out the hard way.

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Our products are 100% Made In The USA in our Jackson, NJ facility.

Warranties Won't Protect Your TV

Think your warranty has you covered? Read the fine print. They won’t cover a cracked screen. Mine didn’t help a bit, and my television was only two weeks old.

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Real Client Testimonials

  • We have a 14 month old son who is into everything and occasionally things get accidentally thrown. We have had the TV Armor for a month, and it has already paid for itself. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

    George Reiher
    George ReiherArvada, CO
  • TV Armor has made it possible for us to purchase a LCD TV without worrying about it being destroyed by our over enthusiastic dog. It was simple to install and does not distort the picture or clarity. Overall we love it. Thank you!

    Maddy Wilner
    Maddy WilnerSan Rafael, CA
  • No less than one hour after installing TV Armor on my HDTV, my son scraped a painted wooden block along the front of it. It took less than one minute to wipe it off. We cannot thank you guys enough!

    Scott Luth
    Scott LuthHarrisburg, PA

InfoComm 2013

TV Armor Illustrates its TV Enclosures

Who uses TV Armor Products?

Asmall sampling of just a handful of our commercial clients. From professional sports leagues, all branches of the Armed Forces, Hospitals and Healthcare providers, Hotels and hundreds of High School, Colleges and Universities. If you would like more information on commercial sales, please click here.

Protect Your TV Today… Because your Warranty Won’t!

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