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Anti Glare TV Screen Protectors have arrived!

Glare on a TV screen can be a minor issue if you have a lot of uncontrolled light in a room (Very large windows without shades). You should be able to buy a TV screen protector made from anti-glare material to fix that right? Well, now you can enjoy anti-glare screens for your TV without the picture quality problems that are normally caused by anti-glare plastics. It should be noted that every anti-glare TV screen protector and it’s materials will affect the viewing angle of the TV and viewing of the picture if you stand close to the TV.

A Revolutionary New Product!

TV Armor in collaboration with one of the largest acrylic manufacturers in the USA has developed a new Anti-glare acrylic called P100. P100 is the very fine grade of anti-glare plastic used for your TV glare protector.

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