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Are you installing a TV outdoors?

Installing a television outside to enjoy your backyard is a great idea but you’ll want to protect it with a water resistant TV Cover. Putting Indoor TV’s, outside is a cool new trend and the outdoor covers are a great alternative to the expensive Outdoor TV’s or expensive outdoor TV enclosures.

Very few people watch an outdoor TV during bad weather, so outdoor flat screen covers are an excellent alternative to more expensive options. If security is needed, TV Armor sells a television security lock on our accessories tab.


TV Armor outdoor flat screen TV Covers are made of a high quality 600D Polyester fabric, which is durable, mildew resistant and water resistant.

Will the waterproof TV cover fit my TV and mount? Our outdoor waterproof TV covers are the most universal design on the market today. Outdoor TV covers will fit a TV on a stand, on a tilt mount and an articulating mount. Our unique back opening design of the weatherproof TV covers allows the consumer to use the opening that works best for their installation. The hook and loop closures allow the cover to be closed securely. The internal remote pocket of the outdoor waterproof TV covers provides a safe and secure place for the remote so even the men can find it.

Available in 4 sizes to cover TV’s from 30″ to 55″ TV Armor Outdoor TV Covers goal is to provide you with the highest quality weather resistant TV Cover at the most reasonable price


Indoor TV’s are not weather proof. Moisture and humidity may cause the TV’s circuitry to fail when mounted outdoors. If your TV is covered for a long period you may find insects have made a home inside the TV and/or cover and insects can cause the TV to fail. Outside TV covers are designed to help protect your TV and enhance your outdoor decor while the TV is not in use. The cover will help keep dust and light moisture away from the TV. TV Covers are not meant to withstand direct rain, to protect a TV from freezing temperatures, and to prevent TV’s from overheating in extreme high temperatures. It is solely the customer’s responsibility in the type of TV, the installation location for an outdoor TV. Our outdoor flat screen TV covers are designed for a light rain, and to prevent the TV from becoming dusty while not in use. All information and suggestions regarding our television covers are supplied with the expectations that the customers will make their own determination on how best to protect their outdoor TV. In no case will TV Armor be responsible for damage to a TV mounted outdoors.

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