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The Ultimate In Protection

If your televisions or monitors are located in areas where the potential for damage is higher than your average living room (sporting venues, high traffic areas, hospitals, school gymnasiums etc.), you will want to add TV Armor’s Enclosure. Likewise, for televisions or monitors located in areas were theft (check out our television security lock) could be a problem, such as bars, jails, colleges or entertainment complexes. Our LCD enclosures are designed to be mounted around a previously mounted TV. They are not watertight. TV enclosures are designed to prevent access and damage to the TV in an indoor or outdoor environment.

*Our LCD enclosures can be made rain resistant/dust resistant if we seal the front panels and any other panels based upon the custom configuration after installation. Please contact us for for information about your specific needs.

If you are looking for an LCD enclosure to withstand EXTREME force, check out our Detention TV Enclosure. The sides of our television enclosures are constructed of extruded aluminum and has a durable polycarbonate front. Our Detention Enclosure can be seen here.

For a more cost-effective solution to enclose a TV or monitor, we designed our newest product, the Econo-Closure. Perfect for users that need more protection than our standard flat screen TV protectors, but without the cost of our LCD enclosures. Simple installation, the Econo-Closure is a slip case design that mounts to the wall around your TV and is secured with screws. We offer 5 in stock sizes up to a 55″ TV. You can learn more about the Econo-Enclosure here.

Custom Made TV Protection?

We have it!

Providing the ultimate in protection for a small cost, the Patent Pending TV Armor Enclosure is an attractive design which gives you piece of mind in knowing that your expensive investment is safe.

We will design a custom made TV Enclosure to fit your exact TV Size! We are not limited by a predetermined depth or size. We can make enclosures as small as 3 ½” deep to whatever depth you need. We recently fulfilled an order for a 14” deep enclosure made to house computers, video cameras, and a TV.

Simple wall mount technology

Our simple wall mount technology discourages theft (screws can be tamper proof upon request), and completely encloses the television or monitor. The design of the TV enclosure is basically an open backed box with internal mounting brackets. The acrylic front panel is optically clear, and is 15 times stronger than glass.

Key highlights of the TV Armor Enclosure
  • All of our TV enclosures are made custom to your TV size, no more small TV’s in a big box.
  • Constructed with a black anodized aluminum extrusion frame and black matte acrylic panels.
  • All edges and corners are rounded, a crucial safety feature.
  • Available options include Anti-Glare front panels and/or polycarbonate panels(Lexan).

Customizable to your needs

The TV Armor Enclosure includes air vents and fans to keep your television cool. And if your television or monitor requires additional sound, we offer high quality sound option upgrades as well, however the TV enclosure actually enhances the TV’s sound. Other available options for a nominal cost include Polycarbonate and Anti Glare acrylic, holes for power cables and HDMI cables, security screws, DVD door, and the anti-ligature sloped top.

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Enclosure Warranty

TV Enclosures are warranted for one year from date of manufacture for material and quality defects. Scratches to the plastic panels after installation are not included. We will replace broken or defective materials, which does not include the labor to replace the materials at the installation.

Specification Sheet

Information Sheet

Available Options

  • Without Fans
  • Ceiling Mount
  • Sealed For Outdoor Use
  • Filters For Harsh Enviroments
  • Special Plastics & Colors
  • Security Screws
  • Anti-ligature Sloped Tops
  • Anti-glare Film

Behavioral Option: Anti-ligature Sloped Top


Installations for facilities in which self-harm is potential the anti-ligature sloped top is available to provide a lever of prevention that does not exist in standard enclosures. The slope at 22 degrees is adequate to prevent any attempts at self-ligature while maintaining the attractive appearance of the enclosure.

USB Controlled Fans

Our fans can be controlled bu a spare USB port found on most TV’s, so when the TV is powered on, the fan is powered on. If a port is not available, we provide a 120v power supply. Please note, not all TVs will be able to run the fans, it varies by TV manufacturer.

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