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TV Screen Protectors Come In Standard Sizes or We Can Custom Design!

Benefits of TV Armor Products

  • Protects your TV from forceful objects
  • Stop worrying about your TV and enjoy it
  • Easy Installation
  • Maintains that high-def picture you love
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Shop Online Now

Will TV Armor fit my TV?

Our TV Screen Protectors are designed to fit 95% of the TVs on the market today. We recommend on placement of order that you provide the make and model of your TV, that way we can provide you with the absolute best fit.

TV Armor’s measurements are listed below. When measuring the width, spool out the tape measure to the correct distance and center it on the TV. The tape measure (or width of the TV screen protector) should extend at minimum 3/4″ onto each of the plastic bezels of the TV (left and right sides). When the comparing the height measurement, measure down from the top edge of the TV. The TV screen protector should extend at least a 3/4″ onto the bottom bezel.

Where is TV Armor manufactured?

We’re proud to say that every TV Armor TV Screen Protector is manufactured in the USA using materials produced in the USA, in our Jackson, NJ facility.

How much screen protection does TV Armor offer?

Your television will be protected if someone accidentally throws something like a toy, remote, Wii game controller, or ball at it. The TV Armor screen protector will also protect your TV from scratches and splashes.

An LCD screen protector won’t stop a large object thrown with a lot of force, or very heavy objects, like a brick, from damaging your TV. Obviously, never throw an object at your TV on purpose!

What are TV Armor’s screen protector’s measurements?

TV Armor Size Width (in) Height (in)
19-20 19 12.7
21-22 20.4 14
23-24 21.9 14.7
25-26 24.5 16.5
30-32 28.6 17.1
40 35.8 20.8
42-43 38.0 22.8
46-48 42.75 25.2
50-52 44.6 26.2
55-56 49.0 28.6
60-62 54.0 31.5
63-65 57.5 33.5

Should I be concerned about ventilation or heat buildup?

Our TV screen protectors are designed to provide effective airflow between the TV screen protector and the surface of your TV, preventing heat buildup and keeping your TV cool. Some TV’s run hotter than others, especially Plasma TV’s. If you notice a lot of heat coming off the front of the screen, we recommend that at least 2 of the felt pads be installed under the lip to allow the heat to travel up and out the screen protector. If additional pads are need please contact us at

Does TV Armor block UV light coming from my TV?

Plasma and LCD televisions produce very low levels of harmful UV light. People who are extremely sensitive to UV light can be affected by this. Our TV screen protectors block up to 92% of all Ultra Violet light in the UVA/UVB and some of the UVC spectrums (250nm to 400nm).

Do you make custom sizes for larger or smaller TVs?

Custom Sizes Available

Please check the size of our screen protector against your monitor/TV size to insure it will fit to your satisfaction. If it does not, simply place the make & model number of the display at checkout.

We can cut the custom size screen protector on our laser cutter and usually without any delay in shipping. Custom screen protectors are not returnable for size issues.

70″+ TV’s

We can and have fabricated screen protectors for larger TV’s, such as our 70 inch screen protector, but they cannot ship small package (UPS) thus they are not on the shopping cart. They must ship via freight and if they are shipped to a commercial address the cost is reasonable. Shipped to a residence is an additional charge. Please call us and we will get you the pricing. Call us toll-free at 800-890-0073.

Return Policy

We offer a 30 day return policy. If you’re not happy with your TV Screen Protector for any reason, you can return it for a full refund less shipping charges and any applicable restocking fees. The TV protector must be in original condition (scratch free) and undamaged. A 15% restocking fee applies to all non-defective screen protectors returned without the protective shipping film as they cannot be resold. All custom cut screen protectors are non-returnable unless damaged in shipping, or due to manufacturer’s defects.

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