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Protecting your LCD TV


Protecting your LCD TV

People watch TV for many different reasons, whether it is to take a break from the demands of family and work, or to keep informed of the latest news and information. TV can also provide educational programming for both children and adults alike. No one can argue that TV has evolved throughout the years, with hundreds of channels available related to any possible interests from home and gardening, music, or extreme sports. TV can also connect us back to our roots by providing programming in a native language, or bringing us our hometown news station from Davenport, Iowa, even if you now live in Los Angeles. Thanks to the technological advances of TV, Satellite and cable providers are able to bring much more information into our living rooms.

o one can argue that TVs have changed as well. Your grandma’s old black and white TV has evolved. Even the old color TV you grew up with would be practically unrecognizable in today’s household. Today’s consumer prefers the digital quality and sound of a flat panel LCD TV screen. These new TVs bring such clarity to the screen, that it feels like you are actually watching the programs live. Not to mention these sleeker models are much more aesthetically pleasing than their predecessors. This year the super bowl parties all over the country will be watching the game on their new LCD TV screen.

There is no need to miss any shows at all anymore. Thanks to digital video recorders and Tivo systems, you can watch your favorite shows anytime. You are in control! Grandma calling during the finals of American Idol? No problem. Don’t let that call go to voice mail, take that call. Simply pause your TV and after Grandma tells you about her BINGO win, press play and your watching your show right where you left off, as if you never left. Can’t stand that Mentos commercial? With these systems you can fast forward through all of what Madison Avenue is trying to sell you.

TV viewing does not have to be a passive event either. The digital clarity and realistic sound also extends to your gaming system. There are a lot to choose from, and you can even challenge your friends online. Are you afraid of being a couch potato? Gaming systems such as Wii provide the chance to get off of couch and into the game.

With all these technological enhancements come some caveats as well. The same TV screens that bring you that crystal clear picture are also extremely fragile. Throwing your remote at the TV because your team lost, will make you even more upset later when you break the screen on your new LCD TV. Unlike tube style TVs, LCD TVs can be cracked very easily. Do you have kids? Your TV is also in danger from flying toys, Wii remotes, or pets. Maybe putting the nature channel on for Fido was not such a good idea! One tiny crack will ruin your TV. Think you have a warranty. Think again! Most companies do not guarantee the TV’s screen, knowing how easily they break.

So how are consumers supposed to protect their serious investment? The best option is to purchase a TV screen protector such as TV armor. A TV screen protector can protect your screen from all life has to throw at it. TV armor is from 1/4″ thick plastic that covers the entire screen, protecting it from harm. The best part it does all this without detracting from the High Definition quality of the picture your family loves. The screen itself is easily installed and being crystal clear, it does not affect the esthetic quality of your TV.

Given all that TV provides in our life and the amount of money you need to spend on a quality TV, it is critical that families protect their investment and invest in a TV screen protector. TV Armor can provide that protection with minimal cost. At the end of the day it is a lot better than selling the dog, or locking the children in their rooms. Interested in seeing a review of TV Armor? Check out TV Snobs review of TV Armor.

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